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Group Information

Welcome to 2nd Woodley Scout Group

2nd Woodley was formed in October 1959 and met at Chapel Hall. In the early 1980’s the Group relocated to Christchurch and in August 2003 we obtained our own Headquarters in Woodley.

For more information please browse this site or see Contact Details for ways of contacting us.

Our Members

The Group has had significant experience of accommodating children with ‘special’ needs. It is our policy to understand and accommodate children’s requirements with due regard to their and other people’s safety, but with the minimum of fuss. This approach has been much appreciated by parents, who want to ensure that their children are safe and happy but without them being singled out as ‘different’ or ‘odd’. Over the years we have successfully integrated children with a wide range of needs.


Our Leaders

Scouting is dependent on the support of adults who give of their time freely. Leaders are given training to develop the knowledge and skills they require to help our members attain their full potential. The Leadership Team comprises of Janice, Jane, Alan and Myself.


Member’s subscriptions are £20 per term, due on the first meetings of January, April and September. Due to Parental support in our fund-raising activities, our subscriptions are the lowest in the District (some groups charge almost double ours).


Our uniform consists of a shirt of the relevant Section colour, Group scarf, dark trousers and shoes. These items can be purchased at The District Scout Shop, Rivermead School We also have a Group t-shirt, which is used for non-uniform activities, and this can be purchased directly through Janice.


If you are aware of any advertising or promotional opportunity for the Group we would like to know. We look forward to you becoming part of our Group and having fun.

Chas Randle – Group Scout Leader.