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This is the youngest section in Scouting. Youngsters of this age like to ask ‘why?’, start to develop values and beliefs, are sensitive, aware and critical. They are developing hand and finger control, using senses to try and make sense of the world around them, bound with energy and enthusiasm, curious, active, needing to be involved, copying behaviour, more able to share and take turns, impatient if made to wait too long.

The Promise

The Promise expresses the Purpose and Principles of Beaver Scouting. All Beaver Scouts make the promise on joining the Movement.

The Beaver Promise: I promise to do my best, to be kind and helpful, and to love God.


The Balanced Programme is based on five Zones.

  • Getting to Know Other People.
  • Exploring the World around Us;
  • Learning About Yourself;
  • Discovering Creativity and Practical Skills;
  • Discovering Beliefs and Attitudes.

The Methods include Playing games, Making things, Going on visits, Meeting new people, Helping others, Exploring their world, Acting, singing and making music, Listening to stories, Following themes, Prayer and worship, Chatting, and Going outdoors.

Awards & Badges

Some of these Awards and badges are worked for as part of a group activity and others are gained as individuals.

  • Membership Award
  • Joining in Badges (2)
  • The Challenge Badges (3)
  • Chief Scout’s Bronze Award
  • Activity Badges (5)
  • Staged Activity Badges (4)
  • Group Awards (3)
  • Moving-On Award (to Cub Scouts)